Prepared in store

G. Buchanan & Sons butchers continue to move ahead of the pack by not only paying such careful attention to the traceability of our beef but by also preparing all those cuts of meat in the store. Time it right and you can watch as one of our butchers skilfully prepares steaks and rolled joints of beef.

We also hang our beef on the bone in our bespoke chills to allow it to mature the traditional way further complementing the taste. Most butchers would charge a premium for such a high standard of service but we believe everyone should be able to enjoy this service which is why our prices are always affordable. You can also rely on us for quality bacon and sausage.

Why grass fed?

We believe well reared cattle will always produce infinitely better tasting beef. That's why all twelve farms are regularly audited for welfare standards, all of these farms promote a free to roam policy. Further to this all our farms rear cattle exclusively on a NATURAL grass based diet, even in winter months when cattle can't graze they are fed home grown grass silage with potatoes and other root vegetables. Grass fed beef is naturally higher in Omega 3 and CLA (basically it's better for you). We believe this natural diet gives our beef that full rich flavour that beef used to have before the introduction of intensive farming techniques.