Scottish meat

Here at G. Buchanan & Sons we believe in giving our customers the very best produce possible, which is why we have made a commitment to source all of our beef locally and to ensure that welfare standards are of the highest order.

All of our beef comes from one of twelve local Lanarkshire farms, when you come into one of our stores you are welcome to ask where your beef came from this week and we can openly and proudly tell you which farm it's from, on what diet it was reared and how well aged the beef is. Selecting our beef from a pool of twelve local farms means we can ensure we maintain the highest quality standards and not put unnecessary pressure on our farmers which would otherwise lead to poorer practices.

Grass fed quality beef

We believe well reared cattle will always produce infinitely better tasting beef. That's why all twelve farms are regularly audited for welfare standards, all of these farms promote a free to roam policy. Further to this all our farms rear cattle exclusively on a NATURAL grass based diet, even in winter months when cattle can't graze they are fed home grown grass silage with potatoes and other root vegetables. Grass fed beef is naturally higher in Omega 3 and CLA (basically it's better for you). We believe this natural diet gives our beef that full rich flavour that beef used to have before the introduction of intensive farming techniques.

Local lamb from MacDuff farm

Our lamb comes from MacDuff one of the best lamb farmers in the whole country. Committed to rearing lambs the natural way, and a genuine care for lamb welfare at every stage from farm to our stores. All our lamb is naturally grass fed and free to roam ensuring you can enjoy the best quality lamb in Hamilton. Depending on the season we offer two different breeds of Lamb. Blackface lamb Blackface lamb is naturally reared, symbolising the purity and goodness of the land and has a reputation for its unrivalled sweet flavour and tenderness. Available from September onwards, it is without doubt 'naturally good'. Texel lamb Texel lamb has a reputation of being one of the best breeds of lamb available in the UK, and it thrives in our local lush green fields. Texel lambs live on a completely natural diet without any grain. We believe this results in the best quality lamb you can buy in Hamilton.

Our range of quality products


The Butcher Bakery

The rich flavourful gravy, meaty cuts of prime shoulder steak and soft golden pastry will keep you warm in the winter months and beyond. Our homemade pies have built up an enviable reputation and are sure to become your family's favourite. Order yours today.

Scottish Classics

Our Square slice steak sausage is world renowned. A family favourite to nearly every family in Hamilton. Your Scottish breakfast simply isn't the same if it doesn't include a Buchanan's square slice.
Try it with our premium black pudding and unique haggis to get the full Scottish breakfast experience.

Catering and retail stores

Whether you run a catering van or high street café, we can supply our steak, Lorne sausage, steak pies, quality pork links or a number of other products. We also have retail packs that can be stocked in your retail shop.